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Feb. 10th, 2008

sugar pirate skull


panel discussion: spiritual choices in the black community

Sorry, this is an advertisement. But when I saw it today, I just thought others might appreciate it:

Click on the ad to get to IG's (Reginald Finley) website. :)

I really, really wish I could go to this open panel discussion, but alas, I am in North Carolina. Is anyone in Georgia, or would be able to go?

Feb. 7th, 2008

happy - anthy


guess i’ll just jump on in here

Guess I’ll just jump on in here.

Hey, y’all. The name’s Robyn, and I’m an atheist.

At the moment, I’m taking a course in African American Rhetoric and Early African-American literature during the same semester, and I’ve been thinking about black people and religion (particularly Christianity) a lot lately. Not that I ever really get away from it—my mother is reasonably pious (I say ‘reasonably’ because she isn’t a minister, but she volunteers, is on a lot of church committees, and, well, she prays) and I do live in the Bible Belt. The stuff’s everywhere.

Anyway, I’ll rant about Christianity in particular, later. I’ll just introduce myself for now. :) a little long, but perhaps interesting?Collapse )

Dec. 10th, 2007

mark and bronson


(no subject)

Hi. I'm Xay, and I'm agnostic.

I was raised Primitive Baptist, but I left the church when I was 16. It's been almost 10 years, and my folks are still convinced I'll join a church somewhere. I often hear, "We didn't raise you like that," from them, but I've stopped taking offense to it. I never understood how we're supposed to believe stuff we can't see or observe through scientific means. I used to believe in Santa, but my dad told me Santa didn't pay for any of my presents. I was 4, so I guess the seeds of doubt were planted early. ;)

It's tough living in the Bible Belt when you don't want a Bible.

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